NSW Test Tag Colour Codes

Which months are represented by the different colours?

New South Wales 
Red  January - September
Blue  February - July 
Orange  March - November 
Green  April - August 
White  May - December 
Yellow  June - October 
Black  Yearly 
Grey  2 Year 
Burgundy  5 Year                                        

All States Except NSW 
Red  December - February 
Green  March - May 
Blue  June - August 
Yellow  September - November
Orange  January - June 
White  July - December 
Black  Yearly 
Grey  2 Year 
Burgundy  5 Year 
No colour Yearly tagging, 5-yearly, etc.

What does the colour-coding on electrical test tags mean?

Coloured test tags are used to identify the period in which an appliance was last tested.

The main purpose of colour coding test tags is to make it easy to tell at a glance when an item was last tested, without needing to read the test date written on the tag.

Do I have to use colour coded test tags?

In NSW, only business which operate on construction sites need to use colour coded test tags. Other industries may find coloured test tags useful, but it is not a Workcover NSW requirement.

Where do I find the rules about coloured test tags?

AS/NZS 3012:2010 specifies which colour test tags should be used for particular periods.


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